Techno-Management Fest

17th - 19th Jan

Plinth 2020

Techno-Management Fest, Jaipur

About Us... Plinth is the annual inter college Techno-Management Festival of The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur. Plinth proudly encompasses and transcends the boundaries of science, technology, management,and literature, providing its audience with a completely indelible experience. Plinth extravagantly puts its efforts in providing a ‘platform’ to individuals to exhibit their talents and acumen in various activities designed to grill the very best. In Plinth, we see all kinds of things. From the craziest innovation, to the simplest of things which can be highly consequential but we might not have gazed our eye on. We aim to tap inside each and everyone present and help refine the diamonds inside all.

The Gladiator Pits


In a world full of chaos, Plinth 2020 strives to bring along all of you and invigorate you with extreme amounts of pure joy and ecstasy, and also be an escape from the bitterness life hands us. We provide individuals a platform to show their skills through events in Quizzing, Coding, Management, Robotics, Astronomy, Debating and much more! Come have a weekend of your lives and face the very best!Register Now.

Get Ready on 17th Januray,2020
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Info Studio


Knowledge is Power! All of us have seen how far knowledge can take us. Here at Plinth, we’ve held Workshops in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, AI/ML, Competitive Coding, Writing, etc to help satiate your hunger. In Plinth 20, we strive to continue this tradition by presenting you an opportunity to gain the basic know-how in things that may just be your future!

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Experience is the best teacher. With it one gains Wisdom. In Plinth 20, learn from the experiences of experts. Those who’ve persevered, gone through it all, given nothing less than their best and seen the sunshine. The Keynote Speakers of Plinth 20 will take you through their trials and tribulations after which you’ll be left in awe and be inspired to take the leap and scale new heights!

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The Grandstand


Each event requires a fitting finish. An event that will fittingly conclude the extravaganza called Plinth 2020 is. Keeping this in mind, we present to you, The Grandstand! The Pro Show featuring the most promising and talented artists of India. A place where you’ll forget all your worries and immerse yourself into the melody of the night and leave with memories of a magical night!

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