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Register yourself for different competitions through this portal to know further details and proceedings of PLINTH'17. Morever if you register through this platform , you would be able to get exclusive coupons and offers.

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Hey, this is a team event, you can from team with to
Note : Email of first member will be used for payment.
For more information click here.

Hey, This is a individual event
Note : Your Email will be used for payment.
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Payment FAQ

There are two types of events : Individual and Team


  • If you are registered as a team, you can't pay individual fee for that particular event.
  • Member 1 email id and mobile number can be used to identify your team and to pay fee.
  • If you are logged in and event was registered using your email id, probably you are member 1 and system will try to find all you team member, but if you are not just enter the email id of member 1.
  • As soon as payment confirms, you will be redirected to a computer generated receipt.
  • In case your payment is not completed at the moment and the status shows pending, we will mail you the receipt later.


  • Click on make payment.
  • If user is logged in system will do the work else just enter your email id.
  • As soon as payment confirms status will be updated.
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